Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mitt Romney Faces Difficult Questions

After a week in which Governor Mitt Romney has apparently refused to answer direct questions about his stance on SB 1070 the Arizona immigration law, that he earlier touted as a model to the nation, about his stance on President Obama’s executive order called Dream Act Lite which would redirect enforcement of immigration law to not to expel those who have lived in America since they were children in the United States illegally, about the specific ways in which he would alter the health care reform legislation, and about even whether he was actually appearing at a fundraiser with noted Birther and blustering hairstyle Donald Trump, who has himself advertised the fundraiser. Some have speculated that is trying to avoid taking a position on controversial issues in order to avoid alienating any part of the electorate in the hopes that the poor economy in itself will result in Governor Romney’s election.

The following is a transcript of an interview on CNN’s Talk of the Talk in which Romney campaign advisor Bertram Wooster III faced tough questions from a visibly exasperated Boledad O’Sanchez on Wednesday.

O’Sanchez: Is Donald Trump hosting a fundraiser for Governor Romney? If so, is Governor Romney going to appear at this fundraiser or not?

Wooster: We need to focus on the kind of questions that matter to the American people, like “How much of a failure is President Obama?” and “Why hasn’t Obama led the Republicans in Congress to real bipartisan reforms?”

O’Sanchez: But wouldn’t you have to report the fundraiser to the SEC? What is the point of hiding this information since it will come out soon anyway?

Wooster: You’re assuming that Governor Romney, as a candidate for President, would have to report his fundraisers.

O’Sanchez: Are you saying that Governor Romney is no longer running for President?
Wooster: You’re oversimplifying what is a very complex and difficult issue, and I think the American people should know that we are committed to moving forward in a bipartisan way to solve the challenges that face America in a comprehensive and detailed manner, unlike President Obama who has repeatedly failed to provide the leadership necessary to move the country forward.

O’Sanchez: I thought it was fairly clear in the Republican primary that Governor Romney was running for President.

Wooster: Governor Romney stands by whatever he said in the primaries even if he, and I, cannot remember what he said. The general election is a chance for us to present Governor Romney to the American people in a new light.

O’Sanchez: But he is running for President, isn’t he?

Wooster: Boledad, that’s just the kind of gotcha question that you in the media love to ask, instead of asking important questions that matter to the American people, like, “Did Obama really eat a dog and does he still eat dog?” I have to remind you that President Obama has failed in his presidency to bring people together in a bipartisan manner to do things the Republican party wants him to.

O’Sanchez: As president, you mean?

Wooster: That’s not as simple a question as you make it out to be. I think the American people are tired of these meaningless media distractions and gotcha questions. The American people understand what it is that Governor Romney is trying to do, and we are confident that they will agree with us.

O’Sanchez: By voting for Governor Romney on election day?

Wooster: Once again, you are asking for a simple answer to a complex question that requires bipartisan cooperation of the kind that President Obama has repeatedly failed to provide.

O’Sanchez: But Governor Romney will, as president?

Wooster: I don’t understand why you keep asking a question that I and the entire Romney campaign have answered repeatedly, and we have shared our ideas with the American people.

O’Sanchez: Well, we’re out of time. The Mitt Romney campaign may or may not have a platform, but if he does, then he won’t tell us what it is. And he may not even be running for president.

[Sorry, but I cannot find a link to the program that led to this satire.]

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