Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Unpublishable Movie Review by Tasha

My human and I watch this movie, The Breed.

I like this movie. It has real dogs, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, which are good dogs. I enjoy barking at the dogs on the television when they bark. There are no fake, computer, monster dogs that do not look or sound like real dogs. Fake, computer dogs are slow and stupid. This movie has lots of happy real dogs running, jumping and chasing things. Many humans do not know what a Malinois looks like or they think German Shepherds are only black and tan and have short hair. Lots of Shepherds, like me, are sable and have long hair. The humans in the movie do not know about dogs and think that the dogs are not Shepherds or Mals. This makes them think that the dogs are not normal, happy dogs who want to play. Silly humans. They would have more fun if they play with the dogs instead of hiding from them.

In some movies with dogs, humans are stupid; they run away from dogs that are much faster than they are. The humans in this movie are not stupid, but they are silly. They do not know that dogs can swim and climb or smell and hear well. Sometimes they hit the dogs with sticks or cars when the dogs just want to play tug or chase or wrestle. The humans do not have good food, and I think they should have food to give to the dogs. I think the dogs want food, and that's why they spend so much time with boring humans.

For some reason the humans hurt the happy dogs and try to leave the island. I think the humans do not know how to have fun or maybe want to go get good food to give to the dogs. In the end the dogs let the humans go. There is a surprise twist ending that the humans do not expect because humans cannot smell and are nearly deaf. I do not give away the ending, but the dogs get a ride on a boat.

This was a good movie review. The End.

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