Monday, August 9, 2010

Notes from the Road

Five things that are worse than the Bataan Death March:
(5) People who think that driving on the highway is a race, and their only goal is to stay in front of me. I start to pass, they speed up. They pass me and then slow down. Why is being in front of me so exciting?

(4) Tollbooths with an "Exact Change Only" lane but with posted cost only visible when you reach the tollbooth. So you can't know whether you have the exact change until it's too late.

(3) Birmingham, Alabama.

(2) 55 mile per hour speed limit on the Interstate. Didn't Sammy Haggar rid us of this scourge forever?

(1) Traveling across the rural South without a CD player but only radio stations to listen to. The only radio stations are Jesus, Country and Jesus/Country (where, I think, Jesus takes your dog, your horse and your girlfriend).

(Sorry, can't figure out how to find the This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow for the Bataan Death March joke.)

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