Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Specter loses to Sleestak

Pulling myself from my baby-induced torpor this morning, I woke to the bizarre news that 80-year-old spring chicken and (alleged) former Dutch-cleanser smoker Arlen Specter lost the Democratic primary for a Pennsylvania senate seat. I had always been a bit surprised that one of the undead could represent the great state of Pennsylvania (is that anywhere near Transylvania?). But I got over it, and even own a Specter: Senator-for-Life/Undeath bumper sticker. I was more surprised, however, to discover that Specter had lost his primary battle to a Sleestak. I didn't know there were any Sleestaks left after the great Will Ferrell Land of the Lost debacle or that they lived in Pennsylvania. But it wasn't that Specter lost to a Sleestak that shocked me. As Wikipedia explains, Sleestaks can be dangerous. For example, Sleestaks "attempt to capture and sacrifice humans to their god (an unseen beast who dwells in a smoky pit) at every opportunity". No, what's shocking about the news is that neither the undead nor Sleestaks are Republicans!

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